Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tallahassee Florist | Local Grown Flowers |

Have you ever wondered where your flowers come from? Cut flowers are shipped from all over the world. Ecuador, Columbia, Holland, and more.
Here at A Country Rose we receive our flowers from all of the above. However we are moving toward a more sustainable source for our flowers. Three years ago we started a small flower farm in Wakulla County and have been learning and experimenting a bunch. This is our first year of true production and we want to share with you what we have accomplished. We have certainty not arrived and all our flowers are not locally sourced, yet we are moving toward that model slowly.
Our farm is using organic style gardening practices,  so all the flowers that we use are free from harsh chemicals. At this time we are growing, zinnias, cornflower, dianthus, sunflowers, celosia, coleus, yarrow, ageratum, hollyhocks, liatris, hydrangea, gladiolus, agastache, astilbe, snapdragons, queen anns lace, torch lilies, and eucalyptus. We are adding daily to our selection.
Here are a few of our new designs that I know you will enjoy. All made with our local grown fresh flowers.



  1. I am so pleased to see the photos of the Local Grown Flowers. These are very pretty. I personally like Grown Flowers a lot and usually buy these for home decorations. I always prefer buying from BloomThat Flower Delivery shop because they never compromise with quality and freshness.

  2. Yes! Its true as we just look at the beauty of the flowers and purchase them. we don’t have any idea where they come from. Its good to know this fact.

  3. Lovely post.. I love reading your stuff, and I am from England. I recently bought a few orchids myself, and I adore them. thanks for sharing!