Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Octobers Birth Month Flower ~ Tallahassee Florist

The Marigold or Calandula is Octobers birth month flower.

Marigolds the herb of the sun!

Marigolds are symbolic of passion and creativity. If marigolds were not open by early morning the people of Wales believed that a storm was heading their way.  Marigolds have been used as love charms and incorporated into wedding garlands. Some believe marigold flowers added to pillows will encourage prophetic or psychic dreams. However, in  the English culture the marigold stands for sorrow or sympathy.  The early Christians named the flower "Mary's Gold" and the poor offered the blossoms at the foot of Mary's statues, to represent "gold". Chickens are often feed marigolds to enrich the color of their skin which makes them more appealing to the consumer their egg yolks will be darker as well. Marigold flowers are also edible for individual consumption. 

The Aztec people were the first to use marigolds. They believe it held  magical, religious and medicinal properties. The first recorded use of marigolds is in 1552. Marigolds were used for the treatment of hiccups, being struck by lightening, or "for one who wishes to cross a river or water safely". Marigolds has been used to treat ulcers and other illnesses and it was also said that it was used help speed the healing of wounds and was used during the Civil War. The Romans used Marigolds, mixed with vinegar, for seasoning meat and in salads and preserves. The dried flower heads are used to flavor soups. The flowers were also used as a dye and was used to color cheeses and butter.

Marigolds make excellent home gardening as bedding plants and are easy to grow. The face up to the sun like a sunflower. They do have a strong odor however, this helps to ward off harmful insects from the garden. However if you do Select an odorless variety it will not have the same affect on insects. Since the 1920's marigold breeding has developed hundreds of new varieties. The odorless marigolds, white marigolds, and hybrids have all had advancements in breeding.

.Marigolds are not widely known as a cut flower however they are grown by some specialty cut flower farms. . 


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