Saturday, August 10, 2013

Locally Grown Cut Flowers Tallahassee Florist

Flowers are one of my most favorite things. I love to smell them, touch them, cut them, and arrange them and even grow them. Locally grown cut flowers. The farm is locate just south of Tallahassee, FL in Wakulla, near the beautiful Wakulla River.

I hope you will enjoy a walk through the cut flower garden.

Fresh cut zinna's add to any arrangement. They have a vase life of 5-7 days and come in an array of colors.

Wildflowers too!
Cocks Comb Celosia comes in pinks yellows oranges and reds.

 A row of celosa "cocks comb"

Zinna's make excellent cut flowers and the butterflies love them.

The exotic Anthurium

 The butterfly bush comes by its name honestly. The butterfly's love them. They also make great cut flower for a wild flower bouquet.

Hydrangeas are beautiful as cut flowers. We use them in weddings and beautiful mixed bouquets.
The love of flowers are what we are all about. Creating lasting memories. 

When you are looking for cut flowers that are local grown local arranged and local delivered call us
A Country Rose Florist & Gifts .
A Country Rose is your Tallahassee Florist.

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