Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Garden Flowers and Butterflies Tallahassee Florist

If I am not decorating and setting up weddings on the weekends I am in the garden. Plant weeding and watering. This time of year is so humid. One step outside and I am drenched with sweat. Yet, I love being out side. This weekend the butterflies were every where. Lots of swallowtails , Fritillary and the zebras. I was also treated by a hummingbird as he quickly flew when I approached the zinna bed. He lit on a near by branch.

What is a girl to do except fetch her camera and take pictures. (foggy lens and all)

 My lens was still a little fogged up when I took this photo .... this is a hummingbird moth

I believe this dragonfly is a Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina     

New bloomers in the cut flower garden. 
 Butterfly weed
 Autumn Joy
 Anise Hyssop

While its still and warm 
While humid air I breath 
Nothing better to conceive 

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