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Top Five Wedding Theme Ideas Tallahassee Florist

There are so many different themes for your wedding. It amazes me how diverse brides can be. How to choose? I think it awesome to select styles and themes to match your personality. Think about what brought you together, what you have in common, the day you meet, where you meet, and what you love to do together. 

I had one bride that brought us sheet music to make cones from for the boutonnieres because she and the groom both played musical instruments.  Another was a self-proclaimed diva, she wanted faux pink diamonds everywhere.

If you are not sure what theme you want for your wedding or you just want to know what your options are here are a few choices with some ideas to tie it all together.

Top Five Wedding Themes 

Fairytale: Cinderella comes to mind. I envision a frog turned prince for pictures. Ballerina type slippers, tiaras, a ballroom type wedding gown and tulle lots and lots of tulle. The flowers should be soft and subtle. White roses, blush peonies or lily of the valley and freesia these all would make a delightful combination. Your flower girl could carry a wand. You could add some sparkle and shine as well to add some dazzle. For the centerpieces, candelabras adorned with fresh cut botanicals. How about a glass slipper on a pillow for the ring bearer? The venue would be important as well you would want a place that had a ballroom with tall ceilings… Chandeliers would be an added bonus and how about a horse drawn carriage? 

Shabby chic: Burlap lace linen and pearl. Pale shades of pink with tans and beige's these are a few of the shabby chic textures and colors, soft and romantic.  White iron milk glass or white distressed wood accent pieces. They could be cake stands, bird houses, bird feeders, candle holders  or just boxes. How about the lace from your mom’s dress? Use it as a wrap around the stems of your bouquet or make beautiful lace flowers with pearls in the center

3   Rustic chic: Rustic chic is very similar to shabby chic just more burlap less lace if any. You can bring more colors like blues, greens, purples really any color you like.  Mason jars, wood, twigs, rustic signs are great accent pieces. Flowers arranged loose and casual in a more wild flower theme works well with the rustic chic look. Good venue choices would be barns or home style weddings, even in front of a big oak tree would be awesome. 

4   Rustic country: Bring out the cowboy boots for this one, yee haw. Barn setting is a great place for a rustic country wedding. Burlap, wood slabs, hay bales,moss, rustic signs, rusty metal and tin cans… yes yes yes.  Colors the more the merrier… sunflowers, larkspur, wild flowers galore.

5   Vintage: Bring in the old and fun. Old typewriters, suitcases, old pane windows, books, and distressed doors all make great back drops and accents. The cake on top of a vintage suitcase is real cool or it’s a great place for the guest to place cards in. Old broaches’ make a great brides bouquet as a whole or as a accent with fresh flowers. Vintage colors, muted whites and pinks. Bunting garlands are a good choice for your signs or just as accents. Try milk glass vase with a few flowers for centerpieces mix and match for interest.
Shabby Chic

Rustic Country

       More Wedding Theme Ideas
     6.   Formal
     7.   Informal
     8.   Modern
     9      Classic
   10.  Funky
   11.  Unique/different
   12.    Bling bling
   13.    Romantic whimsical
   14.    Retro
   15.    Gothic
   16.    Beach
   17.    Butterfly, dragonfly
   18.    Tropical
   19.    Starry Night
   20.    Sports
   21.    BBQ
   22.    Garden
   23.    Musical
   24.    Seasonal

Have fun, dream; it’s your wedding your day.  If you can visualize it then do it. Make it your own mix and match it speaks volumes of who you are. Last but not least, pictures pictures pictures…..  and then more pictures. 

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