Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Long Should My Roses Last? Tallahassee Florist

How long should my roses last?

Depending on the season commercially grown roses should last 5-10 days

When you receive your roses you want to add fresh water. Keep them away from direct light and heat.  Bacteria growing in the water will shorten the life of your roses so adding just a few drops of bleach to the fresh water can keep bacteria from growing.  

When buying roses wrapped be sure you are provided with flower food this balances the ph and helps with bacteria growth.  Cut stems at a slight slant and place in room temp water in a clean vase as soon as you get home. Change out the water every other day. 

Bent head is when your roses droop at the top of the stem by the head. This is caused by the water supply not going up the stem. If there is a problem with this it will usually happen in the first 24 hours you receive your roses.  Most florists guarantee their flowers and would want to know of this situation right away. Don’t hesitate to call and let them know. 

Make your own flower food: 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon liquid bleach, and 2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice mixed in 1 gallon of lukewarm water.

Why didn’t my roses open? 

There are several reasons why roses do not open. They may have been cut too early at the farm. They were not properly hydrated or they were out of water too long.  Some cultivars are for longevity and while they have a long nice vase life they never open.  

I just got my roses and they are wilted. What can I do to revive them?

Using a knife re-cut the stems of the rose an angle. Submerge the entire rose including the stem and leaves in warm water in bathtub. The rose usually revives again within an hour and can be replaced in the arrangement. Sometimes air gets trapped inside the stem and keeps the rose from drinking. Submersing roses underwater helps to push out any air bubbles that may be trapped.

Where are commercially grown roses grown?

Most commercially grown roses in the US are grown in Columbia and Ecuador & California in the higher elevations. They are grown in green houses. The higher the elevation the longer stem they produce.  

Why do roses get black or dark edges on petals?

Black edges can happen for two reasons light and temperature


 Roses are grown in areas with lots of intense light energy. Production areas close to the equator get 12 hours light everyday of the year.   
 Pigments in red roses are particularly sensitive to “sun-burning”.  This condition is genetic to red, brown and purple rose varieties

The strong equatorial light is also what provides us intense rose colors.


Most greenhouses in Latin America are not heated.  When there is a big difference between daytime and night time temperatures, roses reaction to these fluctuation in such a way that the pigments concentrate.  In yellow and pink roses, concentrated pigments appear as red flames or intense color chips, but in red varieties, pigments appear black. These pigmentation's do not affect the longevity of the rose.
The good thing about the large fluctuation in temperatures is that it gives us a nice large rose head.

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