Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wild Flowers & Spring Time Tallahassee Florist A Country Rose

Spring is in the air. This is the best time of the year. The air is crisp and fragrant and it reminds me of why I love flowers. The azaleas and dogwood are blooming now and everything is turning that crisp new shade of green as all the brown from winter fades away. I am always inspired by nature and its inherent beauty is so wonderfully display in a heavenly formation. I am constantly surrounded by flowers on daily base, and yet when I see all the colors of spring, like the wild flowers and grasses, it takes me back to childhood and I want to stop and pick a me bouquet. Which I do on occasion.

Beautiful dogwoods against a clear blue sky.... Thank you Inga Finch

As I was writing this blog I decided to go out into my yard to see what I could find for a fresh picked wild flower bouquet. As I cut I just clutch them in my hand like a hand tied bouquet. Then I cut the stems even and dropped them into old tin can. 
I could call this my A Country Rose weed bouquet. :)
The small green filler is pepper grass. The red spike flower is Coral Bean. The purple is Lyre-leaved Sage. Also in the bouquet are the new growths of a young pine tree and a few other identified beauties. 

See what else I found. 
This is a blue common violet. I always called it a wild violet. 

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