Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why a Local Florist? Tallahassee Florist A Country Rose

When sending flowers, why choose your local florist?

Today's society has us rushing through about every precious moment in our life. There are so many choices, so many ads thrown at us on a daily bases. So much information. Our mind can not contain and hold it all. So it selects only that which is valuable, or only what we are searching for at the moment.

It is so easy to go to the web and make our shopping decisions either by price, convenience or the speed in which we can obtain the thing we are looking for.

I am amazed at all the companies that are competing in our industry. The floral industry.

At the bottom of the page you will see a Google search page for the term "florist". I did not put in Tallahassee but it knows I am local so it pulled it the local along with the map. When doing a search you have ads at the top bottom and along the side and at the bottom. These are paid advertising. Every time you click one of these ads it cost the company $$$. As you can see the first florist are,, and  Each one of these depends on a local florist to hand deliver their flowers. There are fees to you  for this service.

Now below  these ads are the organic search, this means that no one has paid for these to be here. So lets see when the "real local shop" shows up. It starts with, and then proflowers, and all of these, have to use the local shop as well for same day delivery.

The next one on the list is Artistic flowers. Yeah a local Tallahassee florist. The next six listings are all local. We are 2nd Of the list of 24 "florist" there are only seven that are local. Our facebook page makes it seven.

So, why use a local flower shop? Local shops are small business people who are just like you. Who care about and are active in your community. They have families who live in your town, children who go to your schools and shop at your malls. They really want to please their customers. They are real florist who care about real people!! They are your local florist. Shopping local always put money back into your community and you receive better service and product.

A Country Rose Florist is a family owned and operated 3 generation florist. We are committed to fast prompt serve and excellent product. We guarantee our flowers for seven days!! We hope you will get to know us and say "we are your local florist".

"We Deliver Smiles"

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