Thursday, December 13, 2012

Willow Pond Wedding Venue Monticello Florida by Tallahassee Florist

I had the privilege of meeting with Clyde at Willow Pond today. As I pulled into the parking lot he meet me with a very warm southern smile and we climbed into a golf cart and we were off to take a tour of his lovely wedding and party venue, Willow Pond. Just a short drive east of Tallahassee in Monticello, Florida. The air was fresh cool and crisp we couldn't have picked a better day.
Our first stop was a little cabin where the bride and her bridesmaids can get dressed. Rustic and charming was written all over this cute cabin. From the front porch you could see "the pond" Clydes eyes light up as he talked about the wedding party from the bride down to the flower girl. The bride being carried away in  a horse drawn carriage and then reappearing for all her quest to see as she is brought in to be walked down the isle by her dad.
The aisle is grass leading across a bridge the crosses the bluish green water then to a white gazebo where her groom awaits.
We toured 4 locations in which a bride can get married. One was under a large old oak tree, and I mean under. All the branches touch the ground except for a few openings to walk through. Willow pond also has two other ponds.
There is also a large barn for the reception, a honeymoon cabin and more.  
This is a must see for any bride that wants a southern outdoor wedding.

The Brides Cottage

Willow Pond

Under the big old oak!
Fields of green!

Rooster Creek

The General Store

This location has plenty of decorating opportunities. Having a wedding at Willow Pond?  Let A Country
Rose experts help you stage a beautiful wedding.


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  2. This is truly a unique places. I like the blue lights there and the pink theme on one of the venue - really beautiful and attractive.

  3. Th willow pond wedding venue in Monticello is too good, the same has been described by you very well