Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top 10 reasons why men should give flowers by tallahassee florist

Top ten reasons why men should give flowers.

number 10. To avoid suspicion.

  "What, you never brought me flowers before?? What did you do?"

number 9. To be romantic. 

  Yes you can do this!!!

number 8. For equity. (stored up before you are bad.)

number 7. Apology!!! When your bad!!! see reason 8

number 6. Show off!!! "Wow I wish my husband sent me flowers!"

number 5. Permission! Please can I go? 

number 4. Birthday better not forget

number 3. Anniversary better not forget

number 2. A Cure! To make a bad day better. 

And the number one reason to send flowers

IS ...................

1. For no reason at all!  

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