Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tallahassee Florist talks about Planning your Wedding

Have you set your wedding date? Have you picked an alternative date? You know, " The just in case" date. Have you talked with friends and family about your dates?  Well if you have then its time to start planning.
Where to start? The next thing you need to do would be to set your budget. What is a realistic budget? According to The Knot the average weddings cost is $27800.00.

The Bulk of your wedding budget will go toward the reception. So when considering your budget keep in mind the number of guest you will invite.

Here is a budget worksheet. Please feel free to print.

MY WEDDING BUDGET $___________

Ceremony:                                                                 Brides Attire:
 Location fee                $_______                                Dress             $______
Officiant fee                 $_______                                 Veil                $______                       
Marriage license           $_______                                 Shoes             $______
Musician's fees            $_______                                 Accessories    $______                                                                                                                Jewelry          $______
                                                                                    Hair                $______ Reception:                                                                  Makeup         $______
Location fee               $_______                                          
Food                          $_______                                    Grooms Attire:
Drinks                        $_______                                     Tux                $______
Rentals                       $_______                                     Shoes            $______
Cake                         $_______                                      Accessories   $______                      Favors                       $_______
Music                        $_______                                       Rings:          $______

Flowers:                                                                           Gifts:
Ceremony                $_______                                         Bridesmaids  $______
Reception                $_______                                         Groomsmen   $______
                                                                                         Parents         $______
Photography:         $_______                                          Gift Baskets   $______
                                                                                          (for out of town guest)
Wedding party         $_______                                            Rehearsal:
Guest Shuttle           $_______                                            Dinner           $______
Parking                   $_______                                             Decorations  $______

Invitations                $_______
RSVP cards            $_______
Thank you cards      $_______
Postage                   $_______
Calligraphy              $_______
Guest book             $_______


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