Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wax Flower Tallahassee florist

Wax flowers have small five-petaled waxy textured blooms. they are typically half inch or less in size. The stems are woody and are about 24-36 inches long. They have smell that comes fro the leaves that contain a aromatic oils that, when crushed produce a lemony or citrus scent.
They come in a verity of colors that include violet, lavender, lilac, pink rose, red, cream and white. 

Vase live is any where from 5-10 days.

meaning: riches

I adore this simple but elegant little flower it is awesome as a filler in any arrangement or in vase all by itself. 

Mostly available year round
  •  Australia  Early-  June// July  Mid Season - August / September  Late - October / November / December.
  •  California  Early - December / January / February  Mid Season - February / March / April   Late -April / May /  June
  • picture from  www.sierraflowerfinder.com    A Country Rose Florist & Gifts

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