Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to make a bow

Just a little blog on how to make a bow. Our designer Jodi was making this bow out of red velvet. This makes a nice bow for garlands, plants, mailboxes. This is a tradition florist bow. Can't make one? Just visit you local florist.
 First Jodi made a loop. The velvet ribbon has a fuzzy side and a shiny side. You want the fuzzy side to show. Pinch the end of the ribbon and make loop as you make loop pinch ribbon and twist so velvet is facing up. keeping thumb in loop
Make another loop and to the desired size.

. Now pinch and twist keeping ribbon under your thumb and stacked. Don't push it in from the side be sure the ribbon is stacked directly under the loop. Always keeping bow in same hand.
Now make another loop on the other side. Making sure these two loops are the same size. Now pinch and twist.... again keeping all the gathering and twisting stacked directly under thumb. Keep making loops like this for as many loops as you want. You can make the loops alittle larger each time or keep them all the same just keep each alternate loop the same
 When Jodi got her desired loops she cut a piece for the streamers and placed at the bottom.

 She then took a taped wire and place it through her loop. You can also use pipe cleaner. Again be sure all your loops are stacked don't let them slip out of place.
Then twist the wire to secure. Fluff!
Here is finished product.

I have also recorded a video of me making the same bow. This is my first instructional video. So I hope you will check it out and let me know if this was helpful.

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  1. This is fantastic!! The video is so helpful!!