Thursday, September 15, 2011

wedding etiquette

When planning your wedding the first thing you must do is figure your budget. Just 10 years ago the cost of the wedding was mainly on the shoulders of the bride's family. Times have changed with both families equally sharing the expense. Also, with many couples marrying later and having money of their own money, they may pay for the wedding with little or no help from their parents. Nothing is set in stone but it is useful to have a plan to start so you know who is paying what.

Wedding Etiquette
The Tradional Expence for Bride and Groom

Brides Expense:
Wedding gown, veil, and accessories
Ring for groom
Bridesmaid/honor gifts
Bridesmaid/honor bouquets
Grooms boutonniere
Flower girls Bouquet
Ceremony decorations
Church/Venues Fees
Janitor fees
Reception flowers, Napkins, Catering, Bridal Cake, Favors,
Bridesmaid Luncheon
Wedding Breakfast
Bridal Brunch
Wedding Planner

Grooms Expense:
Ring for Bride
Tux Rental & accessories
Groomsmen/Usher gifts
Brides Bouquet
Corsages for Mothers and Grandmothers
Marriage license
Officiant fees
Grooms Cake
Rehearsal dinner
Batchelor party
Limousine Service

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