Wednesday, July 13, 2011

List of Birth Month Flowers

The concept of the birth flower dates back to ancient Roman times which includes birthday parties. At the birthday celebration, family, friends, and neighbors would attend bringing extravagant gifts of jewelry and flowers. The jewelry would consist of the birthstone and the flower bouquets would contain the birth flower.

Not all the flowers are readily available cut flowers. Planning ahead will help make them more attainable.

January Birth Flower : Carnation

February Birth Flower : Violets

March Birth Flower : Daffodils

April Birth Flower : Sweet peas and Daisy

May Birth Flower : Lily of the Valley

June Birth Flower: Rose

July Birth Flower : Larkspur / Delphinium

August Birth Flower : Gladiolas and Poppies

September Birth Flower : Aster and Morning Glory

October Birth Flower : Marigold and Calendula

November Birth Flower : Chrysanthemum

December Birth Flower : Narcissus

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  1. thanks for this list of birth month flowers! My favorite birthday flowers will always be red roses! They symbolize love, passion, affection and hope. For me, a bouquet of red roses is the most beautiful present. These flowers make everyone happy!

  2. Flowers are a gift that are welcomed on all occasions. Rarely will one ever come across a person who will say no to a gift of flowers. They surely will bring a smile on everyone's lips