Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ranunculus Tallahassee Florist

Originally  from Asia and celebrated for its medicinal properties, although they are posinous to horse and cows if injested. These bright beautiful  small camellia-like ranunculus ranges from white to pink, red to yellow to orange. A large genus of about 600 species of plants.The ranunculus is also known as Buttercup and Coyote’s Eyes, legend has it that the mythological Coyote was tossing his eyes up in the air and catching them when Eagle snatched them. Unable to see, Coyote created eyes from the buttercup.

a beautiful hand tied brides bouquet of soft pink ranuculas, mini callas, roses, triculium , dahlias, and queen anns lace

a round wicker basket holds an array of fresh flowers including hot pink roses, pale orange roses, pink ranunculus, pink alstroemeria, light pink matsumoto asters and green button mums.

In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says, “I am dazzled by your charms.”

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