Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to make a letter in flowers, Tallahasee Florist

Recently I was asked to do an H for a wedding covered with flowers. Then about three weeks after the wedding I was ask to do the letter A.... The Alabama A for a funeral. So this is how we did it.

1) First find the letter you want and enlarge to desired size. Trace it and cut the pattern in cardboard.
2) Using a sculpting sheet cut out your letter by laying cardboard on styrofoam (sculpting sheets are 24X24 sheet of styrofoam and wet foam)
3) If you have to use more than one sheet pin together with dixon pins and wood pics.
4) Now soak your foam with water. The water will make this heavy so be sure you are using a wood easel or wire it to a strong structure.
5) Now cover with desired flowers. We also wrapped the styrofoam with satin ribbon to cover and give it the finished look from the side.

This H was hung from a beautiful iron gate. This made a perfect touch for the back drop for the nuptials . It took two of us to lift it up. We placed strong wire like a hair pin through the foam and wired it up. Be sure to take ladders.... Wedding folding chairs will fold up on you.

This is our letter A cut out from the sculpting sheet. The line you see are where we had to piece it together. We used dixon pins and wood pic to secure it.

Here is the finished product. The picture does not do it justice. We also did a ribbon that said "roll tide".  Wire easels will not hold this piece it needs a wood easel. The curves also make it very fragile.

Special thanks to Jerime who made the patterns and cut out both letters.

Ask you local florist for all your floral need. Materials for this can be found at your local florist.

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