Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Will the Real Florist Please Stand Up

I saw the word “real” and it made me start to think. Being a floral designer now for over 30 years I have seen lots of changes in today florist industry. I remember when almost every women wore an orchid corsage to church on Easter Sunday and it only came from the local Florist. No grocery store chain and there was no Walmart. Poinsettias, Easter lilies were only found at your local florist. …. The only place to find fresh flowers was from your local florist and maybe a few on the side of the road vendors. Okay that was a very long time ago and times have changed

Now if you want to find flowers, let’s say in Tallahassee, you just type” florist Tallahassee” in the google search. Or is it that simple? Try it and see for yourself. "florist Tallahasse"

Will the” real” florist please stand up!!!

I even typed my shops name in google search and a place called was using A Country Rose as their google search heading. YIKS!!! Businesses like 800flowers, Proflowers, Pinklotusflowers, Flowers Today and the list goes on, are listed in all the top sponsored searches. What I say is buyer beware. These businesses are what I like to call order gatherers and they charge an extra fee to your order so that a $40.00 arrangement will cost you $50 or more…..

Located at the top and side of all the major search engines are paid advertising spaces. Usually there are 2-3 on the top and 3 or 4 down the side. These for the most part are paid per click and they are usually highlighted. Just below this on google , you start seeing the google map and organic searches. These are the ones you want to click on to find a “real” local florist. Once on the website be sure to look for local addresses to make sure the site you are on is actually in the city you are searching.

If you still use the yellow pages to look for local businesses……again ask will the “real” florist please stand up. There are also shops who gather orders who will place a large display add or listing in your local phone book……just look for local addresses on the ads. If there are no addresses then it is good possiblity they are not a "real" local shop.

Just remember when in doubt just call them and ask are you a "real" local florist?

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  1. You are so right! So many people do not realize how they can cut out the middle man and get more personalized service, better quality and lower prices! You tell 'em!!