Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iris: Featured Flower of the Month

Featured Flower of the Month


Iris (Fleur-de-lis)

Iris is grown from bulbs and originates from southern Europe and the Mediterranean. They come from the family Iridaceae, which includes Freesias and Gladioli. Under natural conditions, Irises bloom in the spring, but modern technology has allowed growers to produce them year round for florist and consumers to enjoy. Irises come in a range of color, including blue, purple, yellow and white. Unfortunately, Irises have a short vase life of only three to six days. To extend the life of Irises its best to keep them in a cool location away from drafts and excessive heat.

Interesting Facts:
Iris root has been used to treat illnesses, used as a fixative in perfume, keeps beer and wine from going stale, and to flavor brandies, soft drinks, and toothpaste.

Meaning: Faith

March Birth Month Flower: Daffodils
March Birth Stone: Aquamarine

Important Dates in March:
Daylight Savings – March 14th
St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th
Palm Sunday – March 28th

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