Thursday, August 16, 2007

The language of flowers 1

Welcome to our first blog. We want to be your fresh cut flowers information source.
Flowers have a language all their own. Years ago we had a saying in the florist business. “Flowers say it”.
Over the next few weeks our blog will be about the language of flowers. When you do not have the words, let your flowers say it. No other gift speaks quite like flowers. I believe the question we are asked the most is, “What does the color of the rose mean.” Most everyone knows that red is love. Did you know red can also mean respect? I have listed the meaning of the most popular colors below.

Red rose: love, respect
Yellow rose: joy, friendship
Coral rose: desire
Pale peach rose: modesty
Lavender rose: enchantment
Dark pink rose: thankfulnessWhite rose: innocence, secrecy
Pale pink rose: grace, joy
Orange rose: fascination

We are a full service florist and deliver daily to all of Tallahassee. Our value priced roses are $29.95 a dozen. We have a cash and carry special of a dozen wrapped in paper for $12.95.

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