Monday, December 31, 2012

Rose Color Meanings by Tallahasee Florist

There are at least 100 species of roses, and one of our growers has over 91 different colors available. To see these colors go here : Queens Flowers
Ever wonder what the different colors of the rose mean? You are not alone we get this question frequently, so I am sharing with you what they mean, in simple terms.

Red Rose: Love, Desire

Pink Rose: Admiration, Gratitude

White Rose: Purity, Innocence

Yellow Rose: Friendship, Caring, Joy

Orange Rose: Passion & Energy

Green Rose: Blessings

Lavender: Love at First Sight

Coral: Desire

Peach: Modesty

There are no true Black or Blue roses. If you have ever seen them it is because they have been color enhanced.
Black: Mourning, end of relationship

These are the meaning of the rose.

When is the last time you gave roses?


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